Just A Walk

Finally. The type of day that begs you to go outdoors. Sunny and warm, with just the hint of a breeze. Time to go outside and shake the winter blues. Just a walk; no purpose this time.

Usually, I would have traveled to NYC today for chemotherapy treatment at Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center (MSKCC). However, my recent hospital stay due to low white blood cell counts led my oncologist to postpone treatment for an extra week just to be safe.


I didn’t need to ask our three dogs if they were interested. As soon as I grabbed a leash, they all swarmed me like I was holding leftover steak. I used to be able to manage two at a time for a walk, but not anymore. Three guesses as to which one got to go first.

I’m not sure who is in worse shape – me or Humphrey. Before we embarked, I set my expectations low. If I could manage only a few blocks, then so be it.

As soon as we got out the door, the warm air and sun on my skin felt amazing. I wore a sweat jacket over a t-shirt but took it off after only a block or two. Before I knew it, Humphrey and I had made it to my stretch goal – the Garden of Reflection 9-11 Memorial. Approximately a 2-mile roundtrip walk from our house.


When we arrived back home, I was sweating and Humphrey didn’t stop panting for 30-minutes. Clearly, we need to do this more often.

They’re an increasingly rare event, but days like today when I’m both motivated and have energy are a blessing. Hopefully, tomorrow will be the same  and I can walk the other two pups!

16 thoughts on “Just A Walk

  1. Thank you Jesus for a beautiful day. I’m glad that you enjoyed today’s weather, Mr Becker. Always in my prayers, God bless.

  2. I believe since my ALS diagnosis In September I have now changed my attitude I am taking one day at a time Yesterday we went to the movies My husband pushed me in my walker to the bathroom He took me to the handicap stall I thought the women would be upset with a man in the ladies room They were smiling and helpful I believe most people are good and kind I have my faith and family and friends I am blessed Look around and appreciate life I am for what time I have left

  3. So glad you enjoyed the glorious day!! Humphrey is so darn photogenic!! Cheers to more walks soon – be warned though, I may have to crash your walking party just so I can see Humphrey 🙂

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