Earlier this week, I had my periodic CT scan to determine whether or not the chemotherapy I’ve been receiving is continuing to work. I just received word from MSKCC moments ago that indeed many of the tumors continued to shrink compared to my last imaging procedure in August (which showed a decrease in tumor size almost across the board). Importantly, there weren’t any new lung metastasis.

Raspberry flavored, oral contrast agent to drink before CT scan

Clearly, this is very good news. In a perfect world, one would like to see all the tumors completely disappear. That would be highly unusual, so I will gladly accept serial decreases in the tumors from period-to-period.

This coming Tuesday, I should receive my chemotherapy doublet (provided that my blood counts are sufficient).

That’s all for now…short and sweet…as I am going to hug my family and enjoy the weekend.

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  1. Wonderful news!!!
    Hug them for me, too!

  2. Michael
    That is awesome. Cheri forwarded the link to me.
    Enjoy your weekend!!!
    Helen Gaynier

  3. Awesome news! Prayers continue for complete disappearance of those tumors and NED forever. 💖

  4. Delighted for you. You are an inspiration for cancer patients and especially for someone like me with a similar diagnosis. Toronto, Canada salutes you!

  5. Awesome Prayers always

  6. Thanks for sharing your good news! Have a great weekend.

  7. This is great news! You are on my mind almost daily at the moment as I am.working woth 2 inventors at my new employment who have developed therapeutic antibodies specifically for HPV-induced HNC and I am trying.to find a company that would pick up the end of discovery under SRA and development/commercialization under license. Still early but the mAbs are humanized, epitopes identified. Meanwhile, I am happy that you will enjoy this beautiful Fall week end! (Does your daughter still ride? Perfect weather for riding-….we are horse nuts!)

  8. Michael,

    Great news! Enjoy this weekend and your family. My thoughts and prayers for you continue.


  9. Great way to start the weekend, Michael. Thoughts are with you and your family!

  10. What a great report! Prayers continue every single day, night, morning, afternoon, and any other time u come to our hearts and mind. Please know we will continue praying and believing for your healing.

  11. Fantastic news!!!

  12. So glad for you and your family!!! Wonderful News!

  13. Good news! I am deeply grateful that you’re having good results! Let’s catch up one day soon. Be well; carpe diem.


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