Memoir Published

Well, gulp! My memoir is finally done and published.

Memoir book cover – “A Walk With Purpose” by Michael D. Becker

A Walk With Purpose chronicles my career path from an investment advisor to chief executive officer of an oncology-focused biotechnology company, and finally into a terminal cancer patient confronting his own mortality. It is a memoir about both my life and illness, battling stage 4 head and neck cancer.

Both paperback & digital copies available via Amazon:

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2 thoughts on “Memoir Published

  1. Dear Michael,

    I just received the very upsetting news about your health. I am deeply saddened you are going through this journey. You are in my thoughts and prayers and hoping for a miracle for you!

    With warm regards,

    Ruth Frazer

  2. Dear Michael,
    Your strength & struggle will be inspiration to others suffering from this dreaded disease.
    It is gladdening that U have Ur close ones near to you.

    Live to the fullest and take care.
    GOD bless you


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